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Yoga Day 2021 Quiz - English Medium

Yoga Day 2021 Quiz - Gujarati Medium

Summer Vacation Worksheet-2021(E.M)

1-EM-English 1-EM-Maths 1-EM-Gujarati 1-EM-Hindi 1-EM-GK
2-EM-English 2-EM-Maths 2-EM-Gujarati 2-EM-Hindi 2-EM-GK
3-EM-English 3-EM-Maths 3-EM-Gujarati 3-EM-Hindi 3-EM-GK 3-EM-ENV
4-EM-English 4-EM-Maths 4-EM-Gujarati 4-EM-Hindi 4-EM-GK 4-EM-ENV
5-EM-English 5-EM-Maths 5-EM-Gujarati 5-EM-Hindi 5-EM-GK 5-EM-ENV
6-EM-English 6-EM-Maths 6-EM-Gujarati 6-EM-Hindi 6-EM-SS 6-EM-SCI 6-EM-SANSKRIT
7-EM-English 7-EM-Maths 7-EM-Gujarati 7-EM-Hindi 7-EM-SS 7-EM-SCI 7-EM-SANSKRIT
8-EM-English 8-EM-Maths 8-EM-Gujarati 8-EM-Hindi 8-EM-SS 8-EM-SCI 8-EM-SANSKRIT
9-EM-English 9-EM-Maths 9-EM-Gujarati 9-EM-Hindi 9-EM-SS 9-EM-SCI 9-EM-SANSKRIT
11-EM-Eng 11-EM-A/C 11-EM-Stat 11-EM-Eco 11-EM-BA 11-EM-Gujarati

Summer Vacation Worksheet-2021(G.M)

1-GM-English 1-GM-Maths 1-GM-Gujarati 1-GM-Hindi 1-GM-GK
2-GM-English 2-GM-Maths 2-GM-Gujarati 2-GM-Hindi 2-GM-GK
3-GM-English 3-GM-Maths 3-GM-Gujarati 3-GM-Hindi 3-GM-GK 3-GM-Env
4-GM-English 4-GM-Maths 4-GM-Gujarati 4-GM-Hindi 4-GM-GK 4-GM-Env
5-GM-English 5-GM-Maths 5-GM-Gujarati 5-GM-Hindi 5-GM-GK 5-GM-Env
6-GM-English 6-GM-Maths 6-GM-Gujarati 6-GM-Hindi 6-GM-SS 6-GM-Sci 6-GM-Sanskrit
7-GM-English 7-GM-Maths 7-GM-Gujarati 7-GM-Hindi 7-GM-SS 7-GM-Sci 7-GM-Sanskrit
8-GM-English 8-GM-Maths 8-GM-Gujarati 8-GM-Hindi 8-GM-SS 8-GM-Sci 8-GM-Sanskrit
9-GM-English 9-GM-Maths 9-GM-Gujarati 9-GM-Hindi 9-GM-SS 9-GM-Sci 9-GM-Sanskrit
11-GM-Eng 11-GM-A/C 11-GM-Stat 11-GM-Eco 11-GM-BA 11-GM-Gujarati

Why S.S.Divine School?

S.S.Divine is one of the best schools located in science city area. The school has a beautiful green campus and well –designed building. The school has a unique approach towards education. The students are trained in such a manner that they can stand tall in various fields of education. The team of the principal and teachers put their collective efforts to bring out the best of their students. The policy of more classwork and less homework help the students grow their personality and versatility. The students get enormous opportunity to enhance their hidden talents and inborn capability at their fullest. Right from the beginning the students get knowledge at a deeper level with a view to appearing in competitive exams in future. Not only for the academic but for the cultural and social development too, the students are given exposure. The school has been playing an active and vital role on preparing the students confident, competent and constructive for their life ahead.

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